Kitchen design diary: The big reveal

Just the other day, I noticed a woman starring into my house as she was walking past. Normally, I’d think it a little bit rude but in this instance I was delighted. I may have actually grinned at her. Unless she was looking at the state of my front weed-strewn garden (next project), what may have caught her attention is that instead of a yellow monstrosity I now have a gorgeous new kitchen!

After months of dust, disaster and delays, my project is finally finished. Without any further ado, please join my neighbours in viewing the new design.
There’s still some snagging and a few cosmetic touches to add but it’s almost exactly as I imagined it. For reference, let’s have a look back at the original kitchen:

Perhaps what’s most apparent is how the space feels much bigger now, even though it hasn’t been extended. This is mainly down to omitting wall cupboards and a lighter floor and colour palette.

It’s been a long project but ultimately worth the upheaval and hassle. Plus, there’s plenty of scope for repainting the cabinetry years down the line. It’s my first, and probably my last, kitchen project, and I’m rather pleased it’s over.

Finally, it’d be remiss of me not to thanks my amazing, ever-patient and accommodating builders, South Anston.

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