Kitchen design diary: No progress

Regular readers have been quick to notice the absence of a post about the progress of the kitchen, so I thought it was time I made amends.

Without wanting to delve into the minutiae, the project has hit a snafu (a word I’ve used a lot in the past few weeks), which has entailed it grinding to a halt. While it’s been frustrating and exasperating, it’s taught me a lesson I’d like to pass on.

And it’s this: it doesn’t matter how well you plan a project, how organised you are or how much you know about what you’re doing, there’s a lot you can’t anticipate.

That means ducting kits for extractors that have to be imported, electricians who turn up without the right screwdrivers, plumbers who fail to read the fitting instructions for pipework, so just leave out the bit they don’t recognise (true) and a hundred million other things that make you want to opt for a Primus stove and a toasting fork instead of a new kitchen.

Look, it also comes in blue!

In light of the lack of developments, I’ve been putting my energy into selecting pretty things that will get to live in the new room and I’d like to share those instead.

Crockery is the first thing on the list as we have very few pieces of china that don’t come with chips and cracks. I’m currently obsessed with Cath Kidston‘s Large Spray range, which I feel has the right mix of everyday practicality but would also be great for entertaining.

New wine glasses are also a must as their lifespan tends to be short. I’ve already bought these from Houseology and am itching to get them out of the box.

Finally, I always need a clock in a kitchen. As I’m originally from Sheffield, I’ve chosen the S2 by local firm, Psalt Design. I really love that it’s all made in the UK and has an elegant yet chunky feel.

More regular updates soon!

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