Kitchen design diary: Slow progress

Good things come to those who wait. By that rationale, my kitchen will be amazing. Because it’s week 8 of the refit and I’ve had almost as many delays as I’ve had bland microwave dinners. Since my last post, here’s how the kitchen has been progressing…

Once the units were in place, all the appliances could be fitted, except the hob and extractor, which need to be installed when the worktop is in.

kitchen fittingHowever, it was only when the fridge freezer doors were installed that we realised they were the wrong size for the appliance. Meaning that every time I wanted to access the freezer I’d have to open them both. So new doors had to be made.

fridge freezerFinally, we got to a stage where the Dekton worktops could go in. First, they were templated – this means that the installers came with sheets of plastic to mark up where the worktops should cover and where cut-outs for the hob, sink and extractor needed to be. A couple of weeks later, they came to install. Unfortunately, one of the worktops was cut too short so needed to be replaced, adding three weeks to my schedule. Here’s a close up of the correct one in-situ:

Dekton worktopWhile all these delays have been happening (from snow in Spain holding up my worktops to a ducting kit flown in from Italy for my extractor and a faulty LED strip), I’ve been playing with Dulux tester pots of colour on spare bits of kitchen. When my Armac Martin handles arrived, I was able to see just how they’d look. I think these colours are my final choices. Probably. Maybe.

dulux paintsThe handles are now fixed to the cabinets (hurrah for no more opening doors at the edges) so it’s possible to get a better idea of how the final scheme will look:

handles in placeMy new tap from Perrin & Rowe has now also put in an appearance, so should be fitted soon. The replacement worktop is the next step, closely followed by painting. So a finished kitchen could potentially be only weeks away.

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