Kitchen design diary: Fitting begins

My last post ended with me glaring at the wet plaster walls in my kitchen and using everything from Jedi mind tricks to wishful thinking to make them dry faster. Something worked because eventually they were ready to paint and we could start the process for laying the floor. Before the LVT could be laid, the fitter had to pour a self-levelling screed across the floor and let it dry.

dsc_0395The main concern at this point was our cats. As we’ve removed the kitchen door altogether, the liquid screed was ripe for the kitties to make their mark Hollywood Walk of Fame-style. One moggy-sized barrier later and the floor was safe from feline interference. Here’s the finished floor, complete with slim grey grout strips:

lvt floorFloor in place, the units could start to be fitted. As it’s not a big room, some had to live in the garage while the kitchen itself resembled a sliding puzzle of blocks and panels waiting to be put in the right order. Here’s what the room currently looks like, with most of the major furniture in place and firmly attached to a batten.

kitchen fittingOf course, while this all looks like it’s going swimmingly, there have been a few hiccups. Sourcing a ducting kit for the extractor is proving tricky, while the date for worktop templating has had to be pushed back until later this week. And in an ironic twist, everything has been delivered – but the kitchen sink.

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