Kitchen design diary: Stripping out

Most of you probably spent New Year’s Day making resolutions but I spent it clearing out my kitchen cabinets. After years of complaining that I barely had any space for everything, I found that actually I’d managed to stuff a fair amount into the units and in every spare corner. As well as finding no less than five frying pans, I tried to declutter as I went and four boxes of kitchenware in a reasonable state went off to the charity shop and rather more went in the bin.

The following day, the strip out began. Here’s my empty kitchen:

Decluttered kitchen

And here it is minus some of those units:


The first job was rehoming the washing machine, which has now been plumbed into a Saniflo macerator beneath my stairs. The next was moving the gas supply from one side of the kitchen to the other, then getting rid of some pipework you can see on the right that was left over from an old radiator.

In any project, you make discoveries and so far I’ve made two. One was what my builders described as ‘meaty’ thick floor joists, so the house seems reassuringly well built. The other was a hole that had been blocked up with a blue and white ladies’ woollen jacket. The builders asked if I would like to keep it. The jacket, like the units, went into the skip and the kitchen currently looks like this:

Stripped out kitchen

Here, the strip light has been removed, spurs for sockets, lighting and appliances have been added and the boards have been sanded to create an even surface for the flooring. There’s dust everywhere from the sanding but already I’m starting to feel the design taking shape and it’s incredibly exciting.

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