Kitchen design diary: Preparation

You never quite know what you’ve got til it’s gone. In this case, it’s less about lost love and more about the revamp of my kitchen. And of course, how you cope without a kitchen, which will be my status in the New Year.

The screaming reality of being kitchenless has made an impact on my consciousness. On the plus side, I’ve been transformed into a slovenly cook, happily disregarding splashes of grease on worktops and walls, knowing I won’t have to clean it up.

Not quite but you get the idea... image from

Not quite but you get the idea… source:

On the downside, I’m trying to prepare myself for a month of no real cooking, bare minimum washing up and of course, not being able to do the myriad other things we do in our kitchens but forget about.

While plenty of people opt for washing up in the bath or a constant diet of takeaways, I’m choosing my own blend of low-maintenance living. For a month or so, I’ll be surviving on my beloved orange Whirlpool microwave and Philips Airfryer, which provides a good repertoire of dinners, and a lot of paper plates and cups. I appreciate that they’re no friend of the environment but it’s better than flirting with bacteria by cleaning crockery in a dirty, dusty room.

Finally, I’ve invested in some sturdy plastic boxes to pack everything up on New Year’s Day and have ordered my gorgeous new flooring, Luna LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) by Karndean. It’ll look a little like this:

Kardean Luna LVT in a kitchen

Kardean Luna vinyl tiles in a kitchen

I’ll be taking photos of the work as it develops so watch this space…

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