Kitchen design diary: Initial design draft

For about 10 years, my ideal kitchen has only existed in my mind. Sure, I’ve tried to describe it to other people, waving my arms madly as I imagine cabinetry that soars its way to my ceiling, giving me the sort of Narnia-like storage space that lies behind the wardrobe.

I would have neat, organised cupboards and drawers. I wouldn’t have pans that I had mentally written off because they had become unreachable in a corner. Perhaps most importantly, I would have at least one clear run of worktop.

Now I’ve taken my first step towards that kitchen becoming real with a first draft of the design. Ta dah!

First draft kitchenOK, so it may not look like much at first but this is a vast improvement on the current layout, I promise.

For starters, it’s a U-shaped layout, as opposed to the facing L-shaped runs of cabinetry I have now. This does two things – first, it means I now have an extra corner to conquer, but it also includes that floor-to-ceiling bank of cabinetry I mentioned before, along the wall labelled Elevation B.

In each of those corners you’ll see twin magic corners, topped with a tambour unit – these are what will give me Narnia.

Magic corners are wire racks that live inside a cabinet, swinging out when needed and making available the storage inside a corner cabinet that’s usually inaccessible.

Tambour units, on the other hand, have roll-up doors, a bit like a garage. This means that not only do you not have to make sure there’s room in front to open them, like you would a door, but you can also roll them down to hide clutter. Double win.

There’s also a few other significant things going on. One is that I haven’t included my washing machine. At the moment I’m considering the feasibility of rehoming it under the stairs but it’s definitely being evicted to free up storage space.

The other is the world’s teeniest breakfast bar, which you’ll see on the plan where it says ‘void’. There’s only space for one person but that the designer managed to work it in is pretty amazing.

Here’s what it might look like, which is a big change from my current kitchen. What do you think? I’d love to hear, so please leave me a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen design diary: Initial design draft

  1. How exciting! Please post photos of your current kitchen. I don’t know where you are starting from. I recommend doing a thorough purge of your cabinet and drawer content now so you know what you really need for storage..
    But I like “kitchen design l shape“. Have fun planning!

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