Kitchen design diary: Planning

One of the most common questions I get asked when people find out that I write about kitchens, is, ‘What’s your kitchen like?’ The answer is awkward, given that I’ve lived in my house for a decade without ripping out the lemon yellow monstrosity that had been fitted as a kitchen.

The problem was that it was serviceable enough. However, at the first sign of a wonky door, I decided it was time to send it to the great showroom in the sky and replace it with something that would solve its design problems, such as the cabinet knob that’s perfectly placed to switch off the light when the door is opened.

Given that I’ve written so much about the kitchen planning journey, I hope that taking it myself not only allows me to put what I think I know into action but also that I’ll learn lots along the way.

Here’s my starting point, my consistently cluttered kitchen. I don’t think Instagram makes a filter that can tackle this:

Rachel's old kitchen

I’m starting my planning process by visiting Harvey Jones. I’ve chosen its Linear range as my favourite but as yet, all other decisions are yet to be made, except that it won’t be lemon yellow. Wish me luck!

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