Testing: KX-PRW120 home phone by Panasonic

Working at home is a curious business. Things that were once purely personal become used for work and one of the first casualties was my mobile phone. The problem being, that I’m not always at my desk, so often at a loss to answer queries on the other end. Instead, I began to rely on my landline more – always within reach and with a guarantee that I’m at home.

Prior to this, the phone in my office was one chosen to indulge my aesthetic tastes – a wood-effect candlestick model that was pretty but not practical. It was clear that a new home phone was needed and rather than cannibalise a phone from the rest of the house, I decided to give the KX-PRW120 from Panasonic a try.

KX-PRW120 phone by Panasonic

KX-PRW120 phone by Panasonic

The reasons were clear – not only could I see who was calling, it could also divert to my mobile if I was out of the house and felt like taking calls or making landline calls via my smartphone. The design was also incredibly appealing – sleek without being too minimal and delightfully ergonomic. It sits on a low, black base and rather than some phones that regularly topple from their tiny stations, this sits snugly on top for charging, connecting via magnets.

The KX-PRW120's screen

The KX-PRW120’s screen

Besides that, it features an array of other useful functions – an answerphone, junk call barring, noise reduction that makes the incoming line clearer and a crisp LCD menu display that’s easy to scroll around. While there are some features I’ve yet found a use for, such as the reminders and calendar, and some I have no plans to need to use, such as the baby monitor, the fact that they’re there gives it incredible flexibility and appeal.

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