The puzzle of what to buy for a new home – solved

Not one, but two, of my friends have just moved house and both have been frantically downsizing. In both these cases, I felt that a casual vase or plant would simply be adding to the decluttering process and so I’m opting for the more disposable gift of flowers. However, I’ve just found a third solution and it’s something that’s so personal, so pretty and so special that I’m sure both of my friends would welcome it.taylored_packshots-91


This is a Home Sweet Home bundle from fledgling company Taylor’d Bundles, which makes beautiful bespoke gifts for all kinds of occasions, from newborn presents to thoughtful birthday bundles. It includes a proper pen and ink drawing of the front of your home, a papercut of your family’s names to display alongside in a double frame, personalised bunting and a handmade New Home card in a simple calico laundry bag.

The bundles are crafted by a team of 12 skilled artists and designers in the UK, yet with a cohesive feel as if you’d assembled it yourself. All coordinated by founder Caz Taylor before being bundled up by special delivery.

Far from being a one-off present, Caz told me that she’d often been asked to update the Home Sweet Home papercut to include more family members. ‘That gives me such as sweet feeling as our bundle is growing and evolving with people’s families (so to speak),’ she smiles.

And while a bouquet will shortly find its way to the compost heap, this is one gift that you’re sure to find still on display for years to come.