Hacking, hiding and food as art – meet 2014’s kitchen trends

Kitchen trends are a bit of an elusive concept. Unlike on the catwalk, where things change in the blink of a eye, what’s hot in kitchens (yes, beyond the hob) is slow-moving, evolving gradually and subtly. However, once trends start to emerge, they’re no less striking than a shouty logo T-shirt.

According to Magnet’s latest trends report, its 8th and the first in which I’ve taken part, along with lots of interior design experts, 2014 is less about what doors and worktops you choose and more about how you use your kitchen.

Take the ‘Hide & Show’ trend – about concealing working parts of your scheme when it’s in an open-plan room for a furniture feel.

Playing hide and seek with the sink

Playing hide and seek with the sink

Similarly, more than half of those surveyed by Magnet love to have personal items on display in the kitchen with open shelving being more popular than ever before. There’s a fine balance between what you want to display and what you don’t, and how you use the space you have to achieve both.

Which leads me into hacking. I’ll be honest, I had to Google this the first time I heard it but the concept is simple – taking objects from area and turning them into something unexpected – pallets as furniture, glass knobs from bedroom furniture on your doors or kitchen cabinets as storage…

Magnet’s Pembury Oak units used as a window seat

Happy Hacking trend: Magnet’s units as a window seat

But it’s not all about design – the primary purpose of our kitchens, to cook and sometimes to eat, is still present. However, food is now just as much about theatre, display and art. Our kitchens are increasingly being created as hubs for entertaining and we want meals to be as beautiful to look at as they are nourishing. Meet the ‘Food – The New Art’ trend:

ood and Art have never been far apart

Food and Art have never been far apart

Take it one step further and think of your kitchen as a gallery. Curate displays of fresh herbs in pots, bottles of oils and colourful spices on your shelves.

I can only wonder if these trends are set to continue for years to come or if by then there’ll be a new approach to kitchen design and technology. Only time will tell.

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