Testing: Steam Blender by Hotpoint

Years ago, somewhere in the middle of a health kick, I had a tabletop steamer. It consisted of several clear plastic rings, separating parts, a base unit and a lid. Fitting the last two bits were fine but the rest of it was something akin to a challenge on The Krypton Factor. I never got it in the right order first time – the rings being similar enough in shape but not quite in size. It was also a nightmare to store, so it sat on the worktop, was continually knocked over and covered in splashes of food. Eventually, I gave it away to an unsuspecting friend who I imagine jettisoned it as soon as she could. And took me off the Christmas card list.

I’ve since been wary of steamers, especially the ones labelled as simple to assemble, which I believe is setting me up for tracksuit-clad failure.

However, Hotpoint‘s new Steam Blender really did look easy to put together, so putting aside my doubts, I have welcomed it into my kitchen.

Hotpoint's Steam Blender

Hotpoint’s Steam Blender

Where it differs is that it steam-cooks in the glass jug, which can then be used to blitz food to a satisfying, smooth consistency – making it perfect for soup, dips, cocktails, milkshakes and even baby food. Meaning washing up is minimal and preparing quick meals is a doddle.

I decided to start off slow with a leek and potato soup – normally a bit of a drain on time prep-wise but knowing that it’s all getting powerfully liquidised at the end meant I could roughly chop all the ingredients.

The Steam Blender in action

The Steam Blender in action

Once it gets going, it does kick out a bit of steam at the top but in a way, I find it reassuring knowing that it’s working. Then, when it’s done steaming, it beeps and you can use one of its four different blending settings or pulse.

Designed by in-house designer, Masio Hasuike, the Steam Blender also looks fab out on the worktop and is reassuringly sturdy. A great buy if you’re thinking of buying a blender or steamer and want it to be able to do a lot more.

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