Great reasons to choose feel-good charity gifts

My husband’s school of thought of present-buying runs thusly: ill-chosen, though well-intentioned gifts, (skipping rope, personalised erotic calendar), lots of the same thing (one Christmas consisted of multiple puzzle books, a thesaurus, crossword solver etc) and ‘throw as much money as possible at it and hope something sticks’ (one year my birthday cake cost an eye-watering amount and would have fed about 40 people at my 12-guest gathering).

It’s made special occasions a touchy topic. This Christmas, I will be directing him to some great charity gifts. That way, at least some good will come of the endeavour. Recently, I got up close and personal with a few inspirational initiatives at an event in the House of Commons held by the Charities Advisory Trust.

Good Gifts, pioneers of alternative charity gifts, have, for example, a smart Solar cooker and water heater gift to help save trees and energy in Africa for just £25:

Good gifts

While Card Aid urges retailers to give a fair portion of proceeds from the sale of cards to chosen charities, as well as selling cards and donating all the profits. I especially like the flavour of summer in this beach hut design:

Card aid

In a slightly different vein, he could always buy me a set of needles and some wool to get me busy for Knit for Peace, or one of these fab silk knitting bags to put it all in…

Knit for peace

Finally, it’s no secret that I spend a lot of time cooking in my kitchen, so a bottle of Peace Oil wouldn’t go amiss. Produced by Jews, Arabs, Druze and Bedouin working together, the olives that go into it are grown in the foothills of the Carmel Mountains for an award-winning extra virgin oil.


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