Testing: Sugru self-setting rubber

I’m the first to admit that I don’t treat my possessions nicely. My hairdryer, in particular, has a hard life. I could hang it up by the loop but choose to wrap the cord around it, damaging the wire. After insulation tape failed to repair it, resulting in a mild electric shock, I knew there had to be a better solution.

I found Sugru – an ingenious self-setting silicone rubber that is a little like Play-Doh in consistency, except that it can be used to fix lots of household items. Simply mould it to whatever you need to mend or patch. It’s self-adhesive and in 24 hours at room temperature, sets to form a solid substance.

Let’s take my sparky hairdryer. As Sugru is electrically insulating and flexible, it’s perfect for mending this detached hanging loop, which had been protecting the wire.

Crimes against hairdryers - one loose hanging loop

Crimes against hairdryers – a loose hanging loop

Using some of the blue Sugru to match (it comes in white, black and other colours), I rolled it into a patch and then around the part that needed fixing. And voila! Seconds later, mended. That’s DIY I can get on board with.

Mended in seconds (plus a day to set)

Mended in seconds (plus a day to set)

Not just for appliances, you can use it on glass, wood, some metals, fabrics and plastics as well as ceramic. It’s waterproof, dishwasher-proof, UV resistant and temperature resistant from -50C to 180C. And if the repair doesn’t set as you like, it can be removed without fuss.

Is there anything it can’t do? I’d hazard a guess at no – just some of the ideas on its website are making bumpers for your smartphone, hooks on a barbecue, mounting your tablet computer on the wall and installing lights on a bike.

What I really like about this product though is it’s less about ‘make do and mend’ and more about quick repairs and improving. So I’m off to wrap my saucepan handles in it, protect my charging cables and create a couple of hanging hooks.

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