The kitchen planning experience

This year was going to be the Year of The New Kitchen. Sadly, my project was put on a back burner. But that doesn’t stop me living vicariously, gazing at other people’s kitchens and imagining about how they’d look in my house.

Taking it one step further, I joined Magnet in its Kensington store to have a kitchen planning experience of my own. Planning has gone pretty hi-tech, with iPads to showcase ranges and price brackets, and 3D visualisations of your design at the end. But first, back to choices. I started by picking a range of cabinetry that I liked, in my case, Sommerton Fern cabinets with a couple in oak.

Gorgeous grey and cream cabinetry

Glam grey and cream cabinetry

Next, worktops. I picked a beautifully veined pale cream granite called River that featured hints of grey to echo the units.


Add some gorgeous granite…

And so on, through appliances, storage and other design choices. All the while, the man from Magnet was jotting down my stream of fantasy spending decisions, patiently advising and answering questions as I went.

Choices made and noted, I was passed to designer Stuart who asked even more questions about what I wanted in the space, where I wanted it and suggested some ideas too. I was surprised to learn that Magnet’s design team also like to go out and do home visits to check measurements and assess any design obstacles.

While there wasn’t time to create my entire design on the day as it takes an hour or more, I did get to see someone else’s in progress…

A kitchen design in the making

A kitchen design in the making

And since, the design has been emailed to me – what do you think?

My new U-shaped room

My new U-shaped room

Complete with my must-have breakfast bar squeezed in the corner

Complete with my must-have breakfast bar squeezed in the corner…

and deep pan drawers under the island

…and deep pan drawers under the island

A far better use of space than the double galley I currently have. Magnet-ficent!

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