Testing: Whirlpool Max microwave

There are lots of reasons to choose a microwave – price, size, power – but if you really want to get the most of out a machine, I’d advise you to go far beyond that.

Whirlpool’s new Max microwave is a perfect example – packed with extra functions, its rounded back means it can squeeze neatly into awkward corners that other microwaves can’t, and its two new vibrant finishes – Vivacious Green and Zesty Orange – add a shot of colour to your kitchen that’s not easily rivalled.

I was delighted when I was asked to take one of the new models for a spin. Secretly hoping for orange to augment my unhealthy Le Creuset obsession, I believed I squealed just a little when I opened the box. And who wouldn’t? These microwaves really do look every bit as good in the flesh.

My testing Max microwave snuggled in a tight corner

My testing Max microwave snuggled in a tight corner

So, it’s pretty on the outside, but what about the inside?

The inside is anything but micro...

The inside is anything but micro…

Open the door to find a 28cm turntable, impressive for its compact size, as well as a 13-litre capacity and 700W of power.

My favourite feature is the steam function and steaming dish accessory. Having once owned a worktop steamer that comprised more parts than a 747 and was as difficult to assemble, this dish makes steaming food a doddle. Put in some water, add steaming plate, food and lid and pop it in the microwave to cook in a flash. So far I’ve steamed chicken, vegetables and even tried out some of the recipes that Whirlpool have on its dedicated app – though I’m a little shy of showing off my dishes here…

There’s even a memo function that stores your favourite settings, a special system to ensure even cooking (to avoid the cold-in-the-middle scenario) and the super powerful Jet Defrost that quickly turns frosty food into ready to cook.

Plus, if orange isn’t your thing, it’s also available in a spectrum of other shades from Platinum Bronze to Cosmopolitan Pink.

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