New Heston Blumenthal appliances by Sage

We all need a bit more fun in our lives.

Who could fail to smile at an ice cream maker that plays chimes when it’s finished, a toaster with a ‘a bit more’ button or a kettle with a lid that glides up in delightful gadget-for-gadget’s-sake fashion?

However, fun is not the only reason to love the new Sage appliances by Heston Blumenthal. The main one is how useful they are and that’s down to the level of involvement the man himself has had in their development. And to illustrate this, I was lucky enough to see them demonstrated by him.

Heston shows off his Scraper Mixer

Heston shows off his Scraper Mixer

Held at the Saturday Kitchen studios in Clapham, Heston rattled through the raft of new machines – a Kinetix Control blender that sucked ingredients down towards the blades, a Citrus Press that juiced all sizes and shapes of fruit, from limes to grapefruit, a Scraper Mixer that left no bit of the bottom of the bowl untouched – all the while explaining why he wanted them to perform certain functions.

The Kitchen Wizz Pro is a case in point. Designed to replicate the action of a mandolin slicer, so that you don’t have to risk nicks and cuts, Heston then regaled us with a tale of using a mandolin while chatting and absent-mindedly slicing the tips of his fingers… ouch.

The new Kitchen Wizz Pro

The new Kitchen Wizz Pro

While many ardent tea drinkers were already making a mental note to introduce The Tea Maker into their homes, I instead set my heart firmly on the Multi Chef Cooker, a clever cooker that uses bubbles to produce stir-free risotto and other great slow cook dishes.

I’ll shortly be putting it through its paces, so stay tuned for my review. Find the new appliances at John Lewis, Lakeland and other department stores.

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