The hard work behind typographical art

It’s an idea so simple you wish you’d thought of it yourself. A book’s entire text as a beautiful artwork. Formed into a picture that conjures up the ethos of the book.

However, it’s not quite as straightforward as it seems. Speaking to Carl Pappenheim, founder of Spineless Classics at the launch of the new Roald Dahl pictures, it can be quite a challenge. Words have a mind of their own…

The trick is getting the text to line up in the shape you want. The harder the shape, the more adjustment is required. Poems are especially problematic as they’re preserved in their line by line format.

Nevertheless, the hard work pays off. You only have to look at the results to see that.

James giant peach

James and the Giant Peach, 70 x 100cm in colour, £44.99

Matilda, 70cm x 100cm, B&W, £44.99

Matilda, 70 x 100cm in B&W, £44.99

Charlie and the chocolate factory, 50cm x 70cm, colour, £39.99

Charlie and the chocolate factory, 50 x 70cm in colour, £39.99

If that weren’t enough, Carl proofreads every picture to check for manuscript mistakes and re-reads the books at the same time to get a feel for the story. I wish I could curl up and read Peter Pan for my job!

The new prints are available from Spineless Classics from today.

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