A laundry lesson from AEG

Last week, I travelled to Luton. Not to fly but for something of an equally exciting nature – to see a demo of AEG’s new ProTex washing machines and tumble dryers at its head office and training centre .

While it seems overblown to use ‘washing’ and ‘exciting’ the same sentence, bear with me. For anyone who has ever shrunk a jumper (my husband but my jumper), destroyed something silk (me) or wishes they could visit the dry cleaner a little less often (everyone I’ve ever talked to), a clever washer and dryer combo is the answer.

AEG's ProTex washing machine and tumble dryer

AEG’s ProTex washing machine and tumble dryer

We’d been asked to take an item of delicate clothing with us. I took a skirt I was sure was dry clean. It was only later when I was asked what it was made of and I guessed at polyester that I realised why I needed smart appliances – I hadn’t read the label. It turned out to be silk. See? I shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things.

Fortunately, the team planned to pop it on a refresh cycle in the washer. Gentle enough for dry clean clothes, it uses tiny particles of 70°C steam to freshen up garments without the need to have them dry cleaned every time.

As I waved goodbye to my skirt, hoping to see it again intact, we turned our attention to the other washing machine and a wool jumper from one of the other participants.

The fabulous Fiona demonstrates AEG's new washing machine

The fabulous Fiona demonstrates AEG’s new washing machine

It was put on a specialist wool wash with a fast spin (I’ve always used a slow spin believing it to be gentler but the trick is to get water out as quickly as possible) and it came out looking as good as new. And more importantly, not shrunk or bobbled. Part of this is down to the washer drum – dinky drain holes and lots of them stop fabric being sucked in and to create little air pockets to cushion as it washes. There’s lots of other clever tech at work but I liked this bit the most.

And my skirt? In one piece and fresh as a daisy. Which means one less trip to my inexplicably grumpy dry cleaner.

How to get a fresh dry-clean skirt in minutes

How to get a fresh dry-clean skirt in minutes

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