Celebrity spotting and wooden floors from Russia

The house I grew up in was covered with carpet. Not quite to the point of being on the walls like chichi elevators but every single room. Even the kitchen. More of that another time.

I can’t help but wonder why hard floors didn’t feature when they’re simply glorious.

I have a particular soft spot for wood – easy to maintain with rich colours and grains that add an instant warmth to any room, from a bedroom to a dining area.

Bedroom flooring from Siberian floorsDining room flooring from Siberian floors

With that in mind, I headed off to the newly opened Siberian Floors showroom in Fulham. Its solid and engineered wooden floors are all made from beautiful Russian oak, stained to a variety of luscious shades and displayed as if works of art…

The new Siberian Floors showroom in Fulham

The new Siberian Floors showroom in Fulham

There’s even a fishtank clad in wooden flooring, which is apparently very popular with its younger clientele.

Besides being a great way to demonstrate the versatility of timber, what I really liked about the showroom is that it shows how wooden flooring can be used to temper a blank modern room, while still being minimalist.

It seems I’m not the only fan. A certain Downton Abbey actor was at the launch and equally appreciative of the fab flooring.

Hugh's that? Mr Bonneville and a shameless hanger-on

Hugh’s that? Mr Bonneville and a shameless hanger-on

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