New kitchen sinks and taps

I love curves in kitchens. Not only are they an easy way to create a sense of flow, the antithesis of boxy, angular designs, but they also add a soft, feminine touch. Plus, bumping into a curved corner hurts less – so great for families.

But why stop at kitchen cabinetry? Curves are just as stunning in other parts of your design. Take the latest sink from Franke, the seductively named Sinos.

Franke's Sinos SNX 251 stainless-steel sink

Franke’s Sinos SNX 251 stainless-steel sink, £550, with a matching Sinos tap in chrome, £825

It’s a bowl-and-a-half of slinky curves with an ultra-low edge profile, meaning it can sit almost flush with the worksurface, giving an undermounted look without the constraints of having to choose a solid worktop, such as granite, composite or wood. So, if you want laminate worktops, you can have them.

Franke has also been busy extending its range of Minerva boiling water taps. The Minerva Helix, Mondial and Irena join the original model this spring, all with the look of a standard kitchen tap but offering instant boiling water alongside normal hot and cold functions.

Franke's Minerva Helix 3-in-1 tap in a stainless-steel finish

Franke’s Minerva Helix 3-in-1 tap in stainless steel, £1,195

And here’s the clever part: fit them as part of a new kitchen or replace an existing tap, then just slip the adjoining hot water tank behind the cabinet plinth, so no space needs to be sacrificed from your cupboards.

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